Curebuddy Pro – Handheld UV Curing Starter Kit


The UV III Cure Buddy and Cure Buddy Pro are portable, 1200-Watt curing lamps that are ideal for small businesses. With a sturdy aluminum head and small footprint, it offers precision UV curing for medium-sized parts and 3-D items.

It’s simple to use, easy to store, and is an affordable solution for adhesives and hard coats. It’s perfect for custom suppliers that handle a variety of hand-made products. Our customers use the Cure Buddy UV lamps on guitars, countertops, automobiles, boats, and silk screening.


  • 120Volt 60Hz  or 240Volt 50 Hz 10.00-5.00amp

Dimensions & Weight: Head:

  • 5.00″ wide X 4.00″ high X 7.00″ long.
  • Body 5.5″wide x 16.5″long x 4.0″ high
  • Head 3 lbs. Body 17lbs
  • Cure footprint area is approx 12″ X 12″

Operating Temp:

  • Ambient between 50-110°F

Lamp Life Wavelength:

  • 700 – 900 hrs approx depending on the number of on off cycles
  • 365 nanometer broad band Primary UVA & B


Wear safety Gear* or use with a UV III Blue Angel safety curtain.

*We offer individual safety kit’s. As well as UV safety glasses, these are acceptable protection when you are 25+ ft from the UV source. This unit is not intended for use in an occupied facility such as lining in a factory that is operating.


  • 3 yr parts warranty.