Cure King


The UV III CureKing portable, The UV III CureKing portable, Aluminum and stainless steel lamp head and extruded aluminium heat sink body compact, lightweight, power pack enclosure. Sturdy construction. 500 watt input defocused-flood unit, forced air cooled head. Fast change lamp system allows lamp change in 10 seconds. Offers higher UV output When compared to other lamps on the market. Readings can be as high as 600 mW/cm².

Very popular for spot repair on wood furniture and Guitars.

Suggested Uses:

Production, R&D, head light refurbishing cure , Three dimensional abilities. Research and formulation, hand scan drying of clear coats on site spot repairs for large parts easy to transport, Multiple units for three dimensional systems, robot attachment, Light weight versatile reliable, Easy to use-works with most clear coats and adhesives great starter unit, Inexpensive, reliable replacement lamps available. Well engineered unit, can run around the clock. Very user friendly Just Plug & Play

Power Requirements:

  • 110-120 Volt 60 Hz
  • 4.0-3.5 Amp

Dimensions Weight:

  • AmpHead: 5.50″W X 4.00″ H X 7.00″ L. Less than 3lbs
  • Power Supply: 6.0″ W X 6.0″ H X 10.0″ L. Less than 9lbs

Operating temperatures:

  • Ambient between 10-110°F
  • Start to full power in less than 2 minutes

Lamp Life Wavelength:

  • 700-900 hrs approx
  • High quality Quartz Lamp produces consistent 365-400 NM output. Primarily in the UV “A” range


  • Parts are warranted for five years.
  • Lamps are warranted to start but are not covered for breakage or longevity
  • For specifics see separate warranty sheet.