Surecure UV Curing Oven

Prices starting from $28,000, comes with a standard 5-year parts warranty.

The Surecure UV curing oven is for custom manufacturers with a high demand for UV curing on their product line. This UV curing oven has an enclosed cabinet with a composite frame, double-filtered observation windows, composite/aluminum frame, aluminum deckplate floor, and high-pressure flood lamps.

This heavy-duty UV curing oven is ideal for rigid designs like full-sized guitars, guns, and truck or car parts. Contact us today to see how this large-scale manufacturing tool can benefit your company.

  • 6 to 12 UV III High output high-pressure flood lamps dependent on need
  • Heavy duty adjustable lamp holders
  • Built-in HD exhaust system/filtered
  • Overhead central rotator fixed speed
  • Main disconnect
  • Firestat control manual reset
  • Heavy duty latchable door handle
  • Door interlock switch
  • Hour meter
  • E-stop switch
  • Spare parts kit
  • Replacement lamps 8 pack
  • 2 pairs of UV safety glasses
  • Crating included
  • Weight type. 800 lbs/1,000lbs

Optional extras:

Onsite installation supervision at additional cost Buck & Boost transformer to allow 480 volt connect reducing to 240 VAC