Blue Angel Curtain


The curtain is made from a soft see through plastic that has the correct pigmentation to block all spectrums of UV light. There are brightly colored warning signs on the outside and curious onlookers can see through the curtain and watch the cure operation in safety Curtain rings and 48 in. rod included. We can also customize to fit any size you need, you can even build a complete UV room.

All materials are NFPA-701 approved.

UV is 100% safe when you follow these simple rules!


Dimensions: A 4 ft. W x 5 ft H. curtain

We can also cut any size. At additional cost

Operating Temperatures:The curtain is resistant to heat but should not be placed right onto a lamp surface or naked flame. All materials are NFPA-701 approved

The curtain will last for many years if taken care of keep away from sharp corners and clean with Windex on a soft clean cloth.. Do not use solvent.

Safety Instructions: Always make sure the safety signs are on the outside and everyone within the curtain is properly equipped with safety gear. Remember if you’re working in an area with pets around be sure to take additional precautions.

A complete booth can be constructed using this curtain this will allow you to use this type of UV equipment even in the middle of a busy area.

Easy to fit in any door.